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New Opeth Track Available To Stream!

I probably cannot put into words just how much I love Opeth. They are easily in my top 5 bands and a band that I can enjoy listening to at just about any time. So with a new album, Heritage, on the way, I’m constantly shifting in my seat in anticipation to hear what it sounds like, especially considering the progression the band has gone through in the last three albums. Well, that want has been answered as Stereogum is streaming The Devil’s Orchard, the second track on the album. 

Personally, I find myself slightly dubious. I think it’s a fantastic track but it is definitely not what I was expecting. However, I’m keeping my hopes up because I think hearing this song in relation to the entire album will make a world of difference. 
You can head to the above link to hear it or just head after the jump.


OpethThe Devil’s Orchard



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