Powerglove Release 'Batman' Music Video: I Weep With Joy - Bloody Disgusting
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Powerglove Release ‘Batman’ Music Video: I Weep With Joy



By now, my love of a good video game should be well known to you. But did you know that Batman is my favorite superhero? Well, he is! I’ll tell you why: because the son of a bitch has no super powers! He’s just filthy rich and completely insane! What kind of guy says to himself, “You know what? I have a ton of money and my parents were murdered…I think I’m going to dress up like a bat and beat the shit out of people!”? Only one of the coolest characters in comic book history, that’s who! Also, he’s known as the dark detective and you don’t want to get me started on how much I love the film noir genre. 

Anyways, after the jump is the new Powerglove video for Batman. It’s basically a heavy metal rendition of the brilliant Danny Elfman theme used in the Tim Burton 1989 Batman. It also features a lot of side-scrolling beat ’em up action video game scenes. Basically, it might be Music Video Of The Year.


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