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The Birthday Massacre Week Of Top 10’s: Chibi



Seriously, did you really think we’d leave out Chibi’s Top 10 list? No way! I saved this one for last because her list features some of my absolute favorites, such as Session 9 (what a brilliant movie!). However, I post this list and heave a sigh of sadness for this is the last entry in our week of The Birthday Massacre Top 10 Lists. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rainbow, Rhim, Nate Manor, Owen, Falcore, and Chibi for putting together these amazing lists! You all rock!

Oh well, at least I can always go back and listen to the Imaginary Monsters EP and check out each list for nostalgia’s sake, right?

Chibi’s List – in no particular order
1. Session 9
David Caruso has an innate ability to make me crack up, but this movie is the creepiest thing. It was actually filmed in a huge, abandoned asylum and the location is amazing. The scene where the young guy is running through a tunnel as the lights snap off behind him is totally terrifying. And that’s not to mention the voices of “Billy”, “the Princess” and “Simon” – a schizophrenic murderer’s therapy sessions are found on tapes in the basement and played throughout the movie. Those voices are horrible enough to keep you awake long after the movie is done. “I live in the weak and the wounded”… ugh.
2. Hellraiser 1
Pretty much everything about the movie is totally scary – the Cenobytes, creepy insane Julia, and crawling, bloody Uncle Frank. And who can forget the hideous scene where the father slurs “Jesus wept” – just before his face is torn apart?
3. Hellraiser 2
Not as good as the first, but memorable if only for the scenes of the guy trying to resurrect Julia. The sight of her bloody body and the smears of gore all over the guy’s white sheets and apartment are pretty heinous and unforgettable.
4. Suspiria
This movie has both incredible visuals as well as the creepy soundtrack by Goblin. The blind dude with the dog freaking out at an invisible assailant? Great scene. The room filled with razor wire (or was it barbed wire? Whichever, it was totally horrifying). And all with the creepy music-box, slurring “la la la” going on. So cool.
5. The Stepford Wives (1975)
Not the horrible remake – the original starring Katherine Ross and Paula Prentiss. Stepford is such a beautiful, quaint place. The two lead actresses are great friends, bonding in sunny meadows and having creepy interactions with Stepford’s totally messed up female population. The scene where Joanna meets her fate is unforgettable, and the actors are so likeable, the plot so scary… it’s great movie that holds up well and deserved better than the lousy remake it got.
6. The Strangers
I know a lot of people didn’t like this movie, but I found it genuinely scary and the location was great. The tranquil country house at night, a likeable and relatable couple (Liv Tyler is so serenely pretty in the movie), and the horrible thought of your privacy and safety being invaded by mask-wearing murderers all makes for a pretty realistic situation. The scene where Liv is quietly smoking in the kitchen and you see the man with the sack on his head moving quietly through the shadows of the house behind her freaked me out bad. Same with when the young girl knocks on the door. Creepy as all get-out.
7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
When I first saw this movie, the scene where the girl gets hung on the hook absolutely made me sick. There’s plenty of gore and sweat and shrieking and evil in this movie. Grandpa is terrifying – when the smile creeps over his face, ugh! And the pure glee of the gas station attendant and the slaughterhouse guy as Grandpa tries to smash Sally’s head in with a hammer – “Get ‘er! Get ‘er, Grandpa!” all clapping and dancing around scared me bad too. It’s a classic for a reason, right?
8. Burnt Offerings
I saw this movie a long time ago, but I’ve never been able to put it out of my mind. The house is big and scary, the concept of an invalid yet unseen old lady in the upper floors is totally weird, and the scene where Oliver Reed loses his mind and enthusiastically terrorizes and tries to drown his little son in the pool is burned into my brain forever.
9. Carrie (1976)
The pigs’-blood-at-the-prom scene is pretty much iconic at this point – as is Carrie’s telepathic rampage of murder, blood-soaked, with the tiara glistening on her head. Sissy Spacek is unreal in this – all wide eyed, freckly, raily little Carrie. The tampon throwing scene at the beginning, Carrie’s insane mother and her unforgettable, hilarious one-liners, and John Travolta getting blown up in a car are just gravy, really.
10. The Ruins
Another one that people didn’t like – but I thought it was great. Lots of gore and a horrible situation, paired with likeable and relatable characters (why don’t more horror movies give you characters you’ll actually LIKE?). The leg amputation scene is pretty much impossible to watch, it’s so sickening. And when the girl is trying to cut the vines out from under her skin – yeah, that’s truly horrible. I really liked the Ruins. 


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