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Fieldy’s (Korn) Stillwell Release Video For ‘You Can’t Stop Me’

In case you didn’t know, Fieldy, best known as the bassist for Korn, has a side project called Stillwell for which he plays guitar. Okay, now that you’re all caught up, the band has released a video for the song You Can’t Stop Me, which comes off their debut album Dirtbag, which was released earlier this year on Nu Day Records. 

Okay, having listened to the track, I have to ask myself if the band ever left the late 90’s. Seriously, this sounds like something Tantric or Puddle of Mudd would’ve come up with. I’ll say this much though, if this is what it takes for that damn clicking bass sound of his he uses in Korn to stop, I’ll take it and be happy about it. That is probably the worst sounding bass tone in music history. 



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