‘Crow: Wicked Prayer’ in Theaters Mid 2004?

A Boy and His Bird writes, “We were contacted today by a frequent visitor of our site, Azrael, who had some news to back up the claims of the Wicked Prayer production staff that the film is indeed scheduled to hit theaters. Azrael’s girlfriend works at a local theater. Her boss is a huge fan of The Crow. When Azrael informed him of the news we reported last week, the theater manager contacted his local regional manager to get confirmation. According to the regional manager, they were under the impression that Wicked Prayer was still intended to be a theatrically released film. The regional manager, to make sure, contacted Dimension Films. He was told by Dimension that the film is indeed scheduled for a theatrical release and for us to look for it hitting theaters late summer/early fall.” Follow the link for more.

Source: A Boy and His Bird