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Billy Corgan Is A Complete Waste Of Space

I used to be a fan of Smashing Pumpkins. Sure, their later material was pretty much garbage, but their early albums were iconic and helped define a generation. That being said, Billy Corgan has been clinging onto the Smashing Pumpkins name for far too long. The latest material is truly awful and the more I hear about Corgan, the less it seems like he is worth anybody’s time. Well, the final straw came yesterday when he went on his twitter account and slammed pedal maker Devi Ever, calling her an “ugly pig”, slamming her company and making transphobic remarks. His tweets have since been deleted, but thanks to the magic of the Internet, they are still easily found.

The situation began when Devi Ever, after having had several less than stellar experiences with the egotistical Corgan, vented her frustrations on a web forum of Smashing Pumpkin fans. Corgan saw these posts and that’s what caused his tirade. But it didn’t stop there, oh no. Corgan then messaged her on Facebook with some truly vile messages.
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Corgan’s first message to Devi looked something like this: “you ugly piece of shit…if i ever run into you, anywhere, at anytime, for as long as i live, i will knock your fucking lights out. don’t ever come near me, and if i hear even one more peep out of you in public about me, or the band, or the members of the band, i am gonna sue you for so much you’ll never be able to afford so much as to even make a fucking guitar cable.”

Devi responded saying that the tweets he posted were tantamount to libel and threatened bodily harm against her. His response to this message is below.
“you fucked up, you know it, so eat shit, shut the fuck up and accept you’ve attacked someone who tried to HELP YOU. but addicts and self-destructive people like you who HATE THEMSELVES must turn their hate out. if this is what you have to do to not kill your unhappy self, well then i’d say it was a wise decision. beyond that, you are fucking lame, dumb, and so so ugly.”
If you think this is the first time Corgan has made transphobic remarks or threatened violence against someone, think again (go to paragraph seven).
So far, no legal action has been taken (at least to my knowledge), but should it come to that, I’m 100% convinced that Corgan will not only be eating his words, but also face the wrath of the entire LGBTQ community.
Below is a response from Devi Ever to the world regarding the entire situation. Below that is a bit of a rant from yours truly.

Warning, I’m about to get personal here:
 To say that I am disgusted with Billy Corgan is not enough. Frankly, there are no words to describe the loathing that I feel for the man. Should Devi have aired her frustrations on a Smashing Pumpkins board? Perhaps not. To be realistic, that board probably has 75 people AT MOST checking it regularly. Corgan has almost 114k followers on Twitter. His comments were sent to a vastly greater audience and showed his true character to the world, one that is vile and repulsive.
Billy Corgan, I write this with no shame: You are the worst kind of human being. You are nothing more than a bully whose time passed long ago and you endlessly cling to the threads of what was. Your comments have disgusted me to the very core of my being and I can only hope that one day you realize how hurtful your comments were, not only to Devi, but to an entire community of people who have to fight every day in the hopes that one day they will be seen as equal. In short, perhaps it will be easier for you to understand if you just check out this YouTube video.
If you want to slander me on Twitter, go right ahead. My name is BD_JonnyB. Oh, and by the way, I’m not going to delete this like some scared little bitch.



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