Gibson Guitars HQ Raided By Federal Government - Bloody Disgusting
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Gibson Guitars HQ Raided By Federal Government



Recently, on August 24th, armed officials from the Federal Government raided the Nashville and Memphis Gibson guitar facilities to seize what was deemed as “illegal” materials. Turns out that Gibson has been importing Rosewood from India for use in their fretboards. Now, this would be perfectly okay if it weren’t for a weird little clause that all wood from India must be finished by Indian workers. This is not a US law but is the Department of Justice’s interpretation of a law in India itself. According to, this action taken by the DoJ was done without the knowledge and/or consent of the Indian Government.

What this theoretically means is that Gibson is required to shut down their plants until a solution is found and this whole situation is cleared. However, CEO Henry Juszkiewicz has stated that all Gibson factories will continue their work and that legal action will be taken against the Federal Government. Basically, he’s holding up his middle finger as hard as he can. 
Alright guitar players, who out there owns a Gibson and would be freaked out if the company suddenly had to stop manufacturing guitars entirely?


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