‘Carver’ Sequel, ‘Graven Image’ Announced

Hollywood producer Richard Finney (Carver, The 8th Plague) has purchased the film rights to Ray Garton’s irreverent religious horror novella GRAVEN IMAGE, we’re told in a press release. Finney will work with his director of development, Dean Loftis, and author Garton to expand the novella’s premise into a film franchise with plans to shoot the first in the series by the end of 2008. Finney is also producing a prequel to the hit DVD title CARVER, both of which you can read about inside.

GRAVEN IMAGE centers on a graphic designer named Hal Dillon whose real passion is collecting strange pieces of art. In a curio shop he finds a bizarre crucifix that depicts a Christ figure looking more monstrous than serene. Hal buys the crucifix and takes it home causing his life and the lives of everyone he’s associated to be turned into a living nightmare.

The concept is edgy and will no doubt be a bit controversial,” says Finney, “but the story is brimming with an appealing mix of other elements, such as humor, despair, love and betrayal. And of course, it’ll have plenty of gore.”

Most recently Finney’s sci fi/horror script “Vampire Apocalypse” (written with “Carver” writer/director Franklin Guerrero Jr. and based on the book by Derek Gunn) was optioned by producer Robert Lawrence.

The new CARVER is entitled CARVER: A FAMILY PORTRAIT, and will begin shooting this summer. The original film’s director, Guerrerro, wrote the script and will again be at the helm. In other related news, Finney, along with producer John Thompson, through their production company Finney / Thompson Entertainment will be working with comic book company Ape Entertainment on a three-part sci fi comic book series entitled “The Wind Raider.” The comic books are being penned by Finney and Loftis. The comic series will be launched in the summer of 2008 with a “preview” issue of the series available during this year’s Comic Convention in San Diego.