If You Love Nightmares Like I Do, You’re Gonna Love This

It’s been a long 4 years since Silent Hill 4: The Room came out and sent me back into nightmares and cold sweats. But I can deal with that seeing what I’ve seen so far of Silent Hill 5(V). And that really isn’t much. Head over to GameTrailers.com and check out the Teaser or the Gameplay videos. Now all the Silent Hills have had a Jacobs Ladder feel to them, but 5 seems to take it to the next level. The main character Alex, is a wounded army vet at only 22 years old. He gets a premonition of his brother Joshua being in trouble, while he is recovering in a military hospital. He goes back home to Shepard’s Glen, his hometown in New England, and he finds his mother in shock and his brother and father missing.

Many have been skeptical about the creation of Silent Hill 5 because it was passed off to the U.S. team, simply known as, The Collective. And we are well known for screwing things up apparently, so some words were thrown around online. But seeing the game play thus far, the graphics, and reading some interviews with the builders, I have much more faith than when this was first conceived.

If you have seen Silent Hill the movie, you’ll notice when the town goes from somewhat normal, to GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, you hear what sounds like emergency sirens, as whats left of the good starts to peel away into darkness. If you watch the game play trailers you’ll see them implementing the same idea used in the movie in the game, and it really adds the effect of the nightmare coming to reality.

With a more in depth battle system, while not turning it into a shooter, smarter enemies, bashing open doors to get to you, amazing graphics, new creatures to stir your dreams, this game is looking to be one of the best in 2008. If Silent Hill 5, and Resident Evil 5 both come out this year, it’s going to be a fun battle between the 2, and im gonna be spending a lot of time at home alone in the dark.

Source: 1up.com