Horror To Make You Smarter?

1up.com has posted about the release of a Nintendo Ds follow up to House Of The Dead, titled, English Of The Dead. Now I know what you’re thinking, which is probably what I was thinking. It takes place in England? Ok, so, why make it the name of the game? We’ll, I was wrong. Perhaps you’ve heard of Typing Of The Dead? Well, what it is, is a game where zombies are attacking you and you have to type words quickly, or you die. It’s kind of a semi more fun way to build up your words per minute. Now English Of The Dead, is kind of like the sequel. Japanese words show up next to each oncoming zombie, and you get a few letters of english. Using your Nintendo Ds stylus, you write out the correct word to kill off the zombie. And when you successfully kill a zombie it yells the name of the word you killed it with as it dies. It honestly sounds kind of ridiculous, but so many games on the Ds can sound insane, but be really fun. Thoughts?

Source: 1up.com