And You Thought Your School Was Weird

There have been enough teen slasher movies for all of us to live on for a long time, so why not bring it to the video game world? Done. Obscure does just that. Well, not exactly a slasher, but monster mystery is close enough. Obscure: The Aftermath is the sequel to Obscure, which is a survival horror game set in a “normal” or seemingly normal high school. Though the graphics aren’t that great even by Playstation 2 and Xbox standards, the game makes up for that with Resident Evil 1 like voice acting (always there for a good laugh), and play between 5 different characters, all with different abilities. The game also offers 2 player co-op where your friend can jump in at almost anytime and take control of your otherwise computer A.I. controlled friends.

Sports star Kenny goes missing in the beginning in the game, and the others get suspicious when he’s not at school the next day and nobody has seen him. They start lurking around the school only to find things very amiss.

Obscure: The Aftermath takes place 2 years after the original game, and the kids have moved on to college. The kids find there to be a strange plant starting to grow all around campus, and when taken inhibits strange realistic vivid dreams. But that’s not all there is behind the plant, as they start to discover even more. The game is apparently loaded with sexual humor, college jokes, serious sides, and what I really wish every damn game would do, 2 player co-op. I find myself playing more and more co-op games because sometimes it’s more fun to play with a friend.

The graphics from the screens I have seen so far are looking a lot better than the 1st game, it’s looking very promising, and is looking to be released in March.

Source: Ignition