Dawn Of The Dead And Dead Rising Not Playing Nice

Kotaku recently posted about the little tif between Capcom and their game Dead Rising and MKR whom are the owners to the copyrights to George Romero’s Dead films. Read their full story HERE. Now anyone who has been a fan of George Romero and who has picked up a controller would notice the fact the Dead Rising and Dawn Of The Dead are similar because they are in a mall. But that’s technically as far as it goes.

In the game you’re one character, taking pictures, trying to get a story, and stay alive. And putting the game in a mall is the perfect idea, because of how they made the game. For those of you who haven’t played it, you get to use pretty much anything as a weapon. And being in a mall is perfect for expanding your weapon options into anything you can imagine, from wandering into a toy store and using big plastic swords, to the sports store, getting golf clubs and baseball bats. Guns, shopping carts, benches, almost anything within arms reach is a weapon, and if you ask me, it was a sigh of relief. As much as I love most of the zombie video games, they’re are very unrealistic in the sense that, if I’m out of bullets, I’m gonna be grabbing chairs and tables and garbage cans and anything else to defend myself.

Capcom was smart when releasing the game and stated right on the box that it has no relation to the movie, because right off the bat they knew people would be thinking that. It’s looking as if Capcom is going to win this battle because it’s too broad of an area to lock them in to a copyright problem.

Source: Kotaku