Take Those HD Dvd Players And HD DVDs Out Back To The Shed, They’re Going The Way Of The Betamax

As I quote my friend Reset in the title to this article, HD Dvd is going the way of the Beta max. For you youngsters, and that’s me indicating that I am oldish, though I am not really, that means, Blu-Ray is winning the battle and is going to take over. As I am sure you may have read this somewhere on this site, perhaps HERE or somewhere else on the vast world simple known as the internet, I am mainly posting this because you should know, Playstation 3 has a Blu-Ray player built in! As if you didn’t know that.

I basically saying, go buy a Playstation 3 and you’ll be ready to roll. Blu-Ray dvd players alone are still fairly expensive, and it’s a much better deal right now to buy a Playstation with it built in because then you have the capability to watch your Blu-Ray movies and play some sweet new games.

This battle has been going on for a bit now, and it is obvious now that Blu-Ray is going to be victorious. I even got an email recently from Netflix saying they are dropping HD, and my friend who works at Best Buy says they will be phasing out HD and bringing only Blu-Ray in. Most movie studios now are taking Blu-Ray over HD, and many many others have jumped HD’s sinking Titanic and jumped onto Blu-Ray’s beautiful vessel. This is kind of like a come back for Sony, because they backed Blu-Ray over Hd, and Blu-Ray is taking off, and back in the day Sony supported the failed Beta max. Revenge is sweet.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting