Capcom Gets Taken To Court

According to 1up, Capcom was in court a couple weeks ago because of the whole issue with MKR (The company that owns the rights to all of George Romero’s “dead” movies) being a little more than pissed off at Capcom for their game Dead Rising being too similar to Dawn Of The Dead in the way that zombies attack a shopping mall. Capcom was trying to get some sort of legal immunity against 3rd parties being able to sue them over the games premise.

However things are not looking good for Capcom, they did not get immunity and MKR is going to continue the suing process.

1up continues to say that Richard Rubinstein, who was the producer of both the 1979 original Dawn Of The Dead movie and the senior producer of the recent 2004 Dawn Of The Dead remake, is a principal shareholder and president of the MKR Group. It seems totally ridiculous someone would be able to make it so no one else could use such an broad idea. When everyone starts going sue crazy there nothing left to share.

Source: 1up