Resident Evil Zero Is Coming To The Wii Thanks To The Sucess Of Resident Evil 4 (UPDATE 2/28)

Ign posted today that Resident Evil Zero will be coming out for the Wii. Resident Evil 4 did internationally well and they ended up releasing it for the Wii, and that was almost like releasing a whole different game because you got to use the Wiimotes for controlling instead of a regular controller.

Hopefully we are also going to be able to use the Wii classic controller with the game as well in case we don’t want to stand up and get a work out. The game is supposed to be released in Japan by summertime, and then everywhere else in the world hopefully not too long after that.

UPDATE 2/28/08: This story originated from Famitsu a Japanese gaming magazine. It would seem everyone jumped the gun and got a little excited about Resident Evil Zero coming to the Wii. Only because Capcom in the US and Capcom in Europe are being lame, they have both thus far passed on Resident Evil Zero for the Wii. They have said that if the game blows up huge like Resident Evil 4 did, they will CONSIDER bringing it to Europe and the US. CONSIDER it. Well consider THIS, BRING IT! GIMMIE THAT DAMN GAME CAPCOM!!

Source: Ign