Silent Hill 5, Looking Amazing, Konami Has Been Rocking My World Since The 80’s

Some of you may have read on a “competing” horror site (you haven’t been cheating on Bloody-Disgusting, have you?) a little bit of Silent Hill 5 bashing. Well, because of some screen shots recently released for Silent Hill 5, they have immediately drawn up the conclusion that the graphics are garbage, comparing it to Silent Hill 3 on the PC. The game hasn’t even seen a release date yet, and already a bashing?

Look if the game comes out and it looks like total crap I’ll be the 1st to admit I was wrong, but come on, apparently they have not checked out the game play footage in HD from Game Trailers. It looks awesome, and that’s all we really have to go off of right now. That and some screen shots, which you can’t just make that kind of a judgment from. Lots of games have come out over the years and blown my mind all though the screen shots have done them no justice. And to make such an assumption from looking at them on your computer, which could have terrible resolution to begin with. is a great site for Silent Hill 5 news and anything else Silent Hill 5 related, has posted up some pretty sweet screen shots of the game from Every Silent Hill game has been better than the last, and I don’t really have any doubts that Silent Hill 5 will be any different.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting,