Condemned 2, Dead Space, Obscure 2, and Teenage Zombies, Videos!

So in case you are too lazy to read, or just can’t read, or would prefer to just watch something instead of reading about it, I figured I’d give you what you want. Game Trailers has got a little bit of horror for you to check out. Dead Space, this video has got the creators talking about the game, as well as some in game action you can watch. Go HERE.

Condemned 2, games out, still not sure if you want it? Maybe this video will convince you. Game Trailers reviews and explains the game to you, as well as shows you the game being played through the whole review so you can see a lot of the action. Go HERE.

Obscure 2, well I know you guys love seeing teenagers and college students get slaughtered, and messed with, and all that good stuff. So go right ahead and check it out yourself HERE.

Teenage Zombies, a game that will be coming out for the Nintendo Ds, from Ignition Entertainmetn, the same creators of Obscure. Not too much is known about the game yet, but it looks like it’ll be some good ol’ Ds fun. Check out some game play HERE.

Now don’t forget some of these videos you can go back and watch in HD, they look much better, but only do it if your computer can handle it. There are also lots more videos for each game as well if you snoop around a little bit. Enjoy!

Source: Game Trailers