Finish Him! New “Mortal Kombat” set for 2008

Ready to rip out some spines for the umpteenth time? The series that broke
new ground for the fighting genre in 1992 with its copious quantities of
blood and gore is returning for another deathmatch before the year is out,
Bloody-Disgusting can confirm. In a conference call with investors, Midway president David Zucker made an off-hand reference to the game being part of the company’s 2008 lineup. When contacted for comment, a Midway representative confirmed that a new MK is on the way. “The next installment in the MK franchise is in development and is currently scheduled for 2008,” B-D was told. Unfortunately, the Midway rep was unwilling to confirm any specifics just yet, such as which systems this latest carnage-packed chapter will appear on.

Given its history of hitting every platform imaginable with its biggest titles, Midway is almost certainly going to lead with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but Wii and handhelds — even cell phones — are likely to receive their own versions. We’ll have more on the game as it develops.