2 More Videos! The Next Fear Game, And Alone In The Dark

This Alone In The Dark trailer is a decent amount action, and in the HD version is looking very very good. Something you may notice in the trailer is it looks like you’ll be able to drive vehicles in the game. This could be awesome or terrible, because for any gamer you already know a game that isn’t centered around driving, or has a decent amount of driving in it, when you get in a vehicle it becomes annoying and plenty frustrating. It seems like this could be one of those situations, but I will always let something like that slide if the game itself blows be away. I’m feeling good about this game. F.E.A.R.’s sequel which seems like it’s titled “Fear Alma” or “Fear Alma Again” starts out with your character on an operating table being worked on quite frantically. And seem to be losing you. The trailer, shows a bit of that, a lot of blood, Alma, the girl who stalks and creeps you out a lot in the 1st game, and a lot more sweet stuff. Read a really good breakdown of what they got to witness over at Game Spot right HERE.

Alone In The Dark Video In SD

Alone In The Dark Video In HD

Fear Video

As usual we’ll keep you updated! Enjoy!

Source: Game Spot, Aus Gamers, Game Trailers