Developers Of Dementium: The Ward Are Taking Us To The “Moon”

Renegade Kid, who developed Dementium: The Ward are working on a new game with Producers Mastiff, on a game simply called “Moon”. The game is a 1st person shooter, that obviously takes place on the moon. The game is said to be very dark, twisted and disturbing.

I would expect nothing less from Renegade Kid, especially after playing Dementium. I’m also assuming they have gotten an even better grasp on the 1st person Ds controls which will make this game even better.

While on the Moon building a new lunar base, researchers find a sealed alien hatch, and what they find beyond it is more than they bargained for. This is the only video of the game so far, I’ll keep you updated as more about this game unfolds. Click HERE to view the video at Game Trailers.

Source: Gamasutra