Dead Space Movie

E.A. has hooked up with Starz Media to make Dead Space into a movie. Basically the game is going to be the 3rd chapter in the trifecta E.A. is trying to pull off between the comic, the game, and now the movie.

The comic book, which has already been released, is the beginning of the story, which explains what exactly has happened in space to the mining ship. The game follows a character sent to fix the ship, but arrives to find a whole heapin mess of trouble. And the movie will be everything in between.

The film will be animated, and produced by Film Roman, who do The Simpsons, and King of the Hill. The animated film will be released the same time as the game, and will be shown on t.v. then released on dvd. I’ll keep you updated if anything new about any of this craziness comes to surface.

Source: Kotaku