Teenage Zombies Are Coming To Town

Teenage Zombies: Invasion Of The Alien Brain Thingys, will be coming out for the Nintendo Ds next month. The earth is being attacked by alien brain thingys, obviously. During the invasion, a graveyard is disturbed and some teenagers rise from the grave, in zombie form, obviously. The big brain, the leader of the alien brains, starts to take over the planet with ray guns, mind control, all the fun things alien brains get to use. Well, he doesn’t realize that the zombies are unharmed and unaffected by his tactics, and they have changed their normal craving of human flesh, to delicious brains.

And what could be better than the BIG brain. Check out the latest video from Game Trailers for the game HERE. The game comes out April 15th.

Source: Game Trailers, Ignition Entertainment