Your Most Obvious Winner For Best Horror Game Of 2007 Is……..

BIOSHOCK! Well, even though we got a lot of views on the article, we had only 55 people vote. So, come on people, vote more next time? Maybe change the results? At least give the 1st place game a run for its money.

Top 4 games:
1. BioShock, 27 votes, 49.09%
2. F.E.A.R., 10 votes, 18.18%
3. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, 6 votes, 10.91%
4. The Darkness, 5 votes, 9.09%

Seeing as it was such a blow out, and BioShock raped the competition, I cut the 3 step voting process just down to one.

And everyone who thinks BioShock isn’t a horror game, I mean, come on, did you even play it? Blood everywhere, people hanging from nooses, little demon girls sticking syringes into dead bodies sucking out blood or maybe something worse, and drinking it, people with medical tools stuck into their dead bodies, if you every get up close to one of those, creatures, and look down at it after you’ve killed it, they’re all creepy as hell. Or deformed, cut, stitched, the list goes on. I mean, how many times did I unsuspectingly go into a room, search all over, not find anybody, turn around, and then there is some lunatic nurse with a gun or a galvanized pipe, or some guy throwing grenades at me and screaming. Shadows skipping along random walls, and then there is no one in the room. Every room I went into I was gripping the controller ready to have a heart attack because all of a sudden I’m being attacked. It has a Condemned like scare factor where you just don’t see it coming. Or someone runs by, disappears, and you turn around and there they are, ready to bludgeon you.

BioShock is an incredible game and it really deserves 1st place. A lot of those other games were really great too, but BioShock is clearly the winner. Don’t forget kiddies, BioShock 2 has been confirmed, and they are looking to release it in fall of 2009. Read about it right over meah. (South Park reference in case you were wondering.)

Source: BD Video Game News