Left 4 Dead, The Name Says It All

Ok, so we’ve all played Resident Evil Outbreak right? I didn’t think so. I played it for about a half hour, alone, before I realized it was going to be insanely hard to play alone. The main point of the game was to help each other out, via playing online. There were about 8 characters you could choose from, all with different weapons and items etc you would start out with. Well if you jumped right in alone, like I did, you realize the computer players A.I. is brutally awful. Oh, and did I mention, the zombies NEVER stop coming. They open doors as well to chase you. So you shoot your 2 clips of your handgun into a few of them, while dragging a wounded computer player, and gracefully get eaten alive. I tried over and over again with numerous characters all ending the same way. While I never did get to play it online with friends, I had a terrible time alone.

In Left 4 Dead, it’s the same type of deal, however it seems much more thought out and better executed. And from the looks of it, it’s you play with friends/online, or you’re f*cked. It’s a 1st person, yes sweet 1st person shooter zombie horde game. Infected with a new type of rabies, people have become mindless zombies, hell bent on getting what they want. Your flesh of course. There has never been any game like this before. You and your friends can play online in this action packed, merciless killing spree of a game. The best part is that it is 1st person too. You can run around easily like in a Halo, or what have you, and just unload bullets on thousands or infected that just seem to keep on coming. I haven’t been this excited for a game in a long time, this one is going to be awesome. I posted a game play video below, and the trailer, check them out!

Left4Dead Game Play

Left4Dead Trailer

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