Lots Of Stuff About BioShock For You

If you like the crazy sounds you heard in BioShock, 2K Games has put up some audio files you can download, and they were taken from the digital master files for the game. Which basically means they are very good quality. You can get them right HERE. You can use them for your own personal enjoyment, or for weird experiments, or maybe you’re a video game nerd, and you’ll dissect them and piece them back together. I would probably make some weird voice mail message with them. Here is something dorky, and super neat, posted by user Shuugo on Konachan.com, is an anime style drawn version of a few little sisters and a big daddy from BioShock.

anime Lots Of Stuff About BioShock For You

To see the full size of this awesome drawing click HERE.

Posted on 1up, is the direction it looks like they may take BioShock 2, after chatting with Jordan Thomas, the creative director for 2K. Here is what he had to say:

“I really like the idea of the player being able to create dynamic physical attachments — Rube Goldberg machines of death!” he said, noting examples in BioShock such as sticking mines on an explosive barrel, carrying it with telekinesis and launching it at a Big Daddy for a one-hit kill. “Those little chains of intent, those little arcs of player creativity are better expressed by tools that plug into each other. BioShock has a really great first crop of that kind of thing, but in games I do in the future I’ll want to generate much more of that — maybe give the player the ability to steal superpowers from characters that are wandering around the world, or alter their behavior in ways that amount to more than just getting them to fight each other. There’s a lot of potential real estate there.”

Read the full article HERE.

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