People, for the love of god, somebody finally posted a petition for Uwe Boll to stop making movies. We must stop him from destroying, ruthlessly destroying some of our favorite video games when he takes them into the movie world.

Look at this son of a b*tch, flipping you off, are you going to take that?!

I read on File Front about this whole thing. Basically, Uwe Boll said if this petition reaches 1 million signatures, he will stop making movies. Who knows if his word is good, but who cares, lets at least effing try! Sign the Stop Uwe Boll Petition Here!

I signed it about 15 minutes ago, and I just refreshed the page and there’s already 1100 more signatures! People really hate him, lets DO THIS!!

UPDATE: April 9th 2008
1up posted today, that Uwe Boll has responded to the petition against him, and in doing so, has proven himself to be a self center ass. Basically saying he is the king of the movie industry, and slamming everyone else. Still have his back after this? Here is what he has to say. Yes, this is word for word what he said by the way.

“Hi, here’s Uwe Boll, and I have a statement to make about that internet petition. There’s a petition out, ‘Stop Uwe Boll,’ and I said like 1 million people on the petition, I stop actually making movies. I want that there’s a petition out there, like a pro-Boll petition, and I expect a million votes pro-Boll. I hope somebody would set it up and you all start signing it, because look: I’m not a fucking retard like Michael Bay or other people running around in the business, or Eli Roth making the same shitty movies over and over again. If you really look at my movies, you will see my real genius, you know? And if you go on May 23 and Postal, you will see that I deliver a movie what nobody else delivered in the last 10 years — what is way better as all that social critic George Clooney bullshit what you get every fucking weekend. So you have to really wake up and you have to see me what I am. I’m the only genius in the whole fucking business. Goodbye.”

Read the article 1up posted HERE.

Source: File Front