Prototype, Looks Like Crackdown, On Crack

If you haven’t heard anything about Prototype yet, then I’ll be more than happy about filling you in. In the game you play Alex Mercer, who is a shape shifter. He can completely control his genetic structure in more ways than imaginable. And he doesn’t know why, or what happened to him that made him able to do so. The game takes place in New York (because what game doesn’t, there are other cities in this country), and a virus is starting to overrun the city, changing everyone’s genetic codes, and changing them into creatures, and slowly building an infected army. You fight them along with Project Blackwatch, which is basically the governments army special forces that are meant to quarantine and contain the infection.

You spend the game memoryless, searching and piecing back together what has happened to you. The game defies physics, much like when you have overly upgraded your characters in the game Crackdown, for those who have played. You can jump from rooftop to rooftop, and can throw cars, and tear helicopters right out of the sky. The game looks incredible, and everything I see and hear about it makes it seem even more amazing. Check out these trailer videos. If you have the time I recommend watching the developer diaries, they really show how much work they’ve put into the game. Check out the official site

Source: Official Prototype Site