Silent Hill 5, Silent Hill…..Homecoming. Silent Hill Petition Also!

Silent Hill 5 will officially be called, Silent Hill Homecoming. Konami has confirmed this and also that they will be releasing the game in September in Europe. Normally when a game comes out in Europe we see it very soon after, so hopefully September for us, or October at the latest. Read on to find out about the petition… Over at, they have started a petition because of the design of main character, Alex Shepards appearance. This shot below

is the way Alex 1st looked, now this shot below

Is how Alex looks now. Many are upset about this new look, mainly the fact that he looks much older. Looks like he went from just married, to I’m getting ready to retire. If you feel the same, sign their petition to get the old Alex back! Sign The Petition!

Source: 1up