Not Much PS3 Love For Left 4 Dead

File Front posted today that Valve, the publishing company for the game Left 4 Dead, has no plans on making a version of the game for the Playstation 3. They are basically saying that because Left 4 Dead isn’t an established or well known name, so they don’t want to put all the effort into it if it’s not going to sell.

Valve’s Doug Lombardi stated, “EA came to us and said ‘Wow, Orange Box was an incredible project, can we do a PS3 version?’” But while games like Half-Life and Team Fortress already have an established name, Left 4 Dead is a completely new IP, so it’s not guaranteed to sell like a new Half-Life game. “Left 4 Dead doesn’t have that guaranteed appeal yet – it’s a new IP,”

Sounds like if the game does well enough on the Xbox and PC, they wil make a version for the Playstation 3. But at that point, will there be anyone left to buy it?

Source: File Front