Pirates Director Confirmed To Direct The BioShock Movie!

1up posted that Gore Verbinski has decided to take on the BioShock movie. In case you’re saying, who is this guy, with a first name of Gore? He has directed all 3 Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, The Weather Man, The Ring, The Mexican, and a few more movies.

This is another game we can’t have butchered when it’s made into a movie. It’s The Best Game Of 2007, we can not have anybody messing that up. I actually have faith that Gore can do it well. I thought the Pirates movies were great, and even if you didn’t think so, at least look at the settings and scenery, I think he has a pretty good idea about how to go about it.

As far as the script writer, there is “talk” about John Logan, known for, Sweeney Todd, The Aviator, The Last Samurai, The Time Machine, Gladiator, Any Given Sunday.

Read the Press Release HERE, posted by Mr. D, cause he gets all the good stuff haha.

No release date is set, or if they even have started working on it yet, but please, take your time, and don’t eff it up.

Source: 1up