More And More Silent Hill Screen Shots For My Babies UPDATE 4 Videos! Must See!

October can’t get here any quicker, and as much as I’d love to give up my entire summer so I can get this game faster, I cannot. For I love summer. However, over at EGM/1up they got a chance to play the game. Bastards, god damn bastards. But I love them non the less. Good news is that it sounds like The Collective (Foundation 9) is doing a good job on making the game, and “As expected, screenshots truly don’t do Homecoming justice.” says EGM Editor Shane Bettenhausen. Go HERE to read Shane’s full preview of the game, and read on to see screenshots.

Konami’s Gamers Day 08′ is really delivering with more mouth watering videos to get us excited for their games. So sit back and enjoy the creepiness.

Source: 1up