RUMOR CONFIRMED: Death’s Daughter Is Hot

Deck 13. A very successful German video game company is bringing us Scarlett, the daughter of Death, in their new game titled, Venetica. The game takes place in the 16th century and is a completely free roaming RPG. You take on the role of Scarlett, and what kind of game would it be if she wasn’t beautiful, busty, and can kick anyone’s ass.

“In the era of Venetica, Death walks among the living as a flesh & blood being, carrying out the deeds of an ancient council known by a few as Corpus. Each generation of the Corpus is set with the task of selecting the next predecessor of the bringer of death. Unfortunately, the most recent council had unwittingly selected a crafty necromancer who is determined on bringing death and destruction to the world.

This conniving imposter has managed to transform into an undead fiend, which no mortal man can kill. This power-crazed necromancer is hell-bent on destroying the reinstated Death and the council of Corpus. Only one person stands in his way, Scarlett, the daughter of Death.

Up to now she has known nothing of her origins, her powers and the capabilities that she possesses – now she is challenged to learn how to develop and use her powers to save her father and curse the necromancer and his henchmen to the eternal hereafter. dtp entertainment is going to release Venetica in 2009 for PC and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Source: BD Video Game News