Full Scale Gears Of War Weapons And Armor You Can Wear

TriForce sales, yes probably on of the best company names, has gotten a license from Epic Games (Gears Of War), to produce full scale Gears weapons and armor copied right from the game. TriForce has joined up with Nightmare Armor Studios, and their sculptor Sid Garrand. They will be recreating the Delta Squad armor, and fans will get a chance to order their own. “I have been a huge fan of Gears of War since its release in November of 2006,” said Garrand. “In my spare time I sculpted a full set of armor for myself, which I enjoyed showing off at conventions. When the fans saw it they all asked me how they could get it. I was thrilled when the team from Epic saw it, and liked it, which allowed us to move to the point to where we are today. It all truly began as a labor of love.”

“Sid Garrand’s team came to our offices wearing the armor one day, and everyone here at Epic was blown away. The level of detail in these pieces is incredible, and it’s so rewarding to see our work come to life,” said Dr. Michael Capps, president, Epic Games. “We’re really psyched TriForce will give fans – and our team – the chance to own some of these awesome pieces from the Gears of War franchise.”

Sounds pretty amazing, but if you are interested you’re looking at a pretty penny I’m sure.

Source: BD Video Game News