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BioShock 3, Technically Already Confirmed Along With The Movie

BioShock is one of the top games I’ve been worried about being made into a movie, but at least something we can rest easy about, is Take Two Games plans on at least making 3 games. Looks like the plan for the movie will not be released with the second BioShock video game, but possibly alongside the third.

Apparently in a conference call with a Take Two chair named Strauss Zelnick, (who cares) he said the movie wouldn’t be released with the second game, “It’s more likely that it would be released coincident with BioShock 3, that also remains to be seen.” Which is basically him being a jerk and not straight up admitting what exactly is going on.

Either way, from what I can gather, we are getting a movie, which could be incredible, or just horrible, and we are getting a second, and a third game, which is all I really care about.



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