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CONTEST! Sign Up To Win 100 Horror and Sci-Fi Picks On Dvd From The Dead Space Dev. Team!

Want to win 100 Horror and Sci-Fi dvds? Yeah, I knew you would. Well the development team for the upcoming game Dead Space due out on Halloween of this year spent plenty of time watching these movies through the making of Dead Space, and now they want you to have them. You can also see this Strategic Dismemberment Developer Diary past the break. They show you what you really have to do to kill these space monsters. “The Electronic Arts (EA) Dead Space team has watched a ton of Horror and Science Fiction films while developing and creating the scariest, most realistic survival/horror game to ever hit the streets, and now they want to pass their collection on to you! By registering below for the Dead Space Newsletter, you will be entered to win a hundred DVDs, hand picked by members of the Dead Space Development Team. Users have until midnight on July 27th, 2008 to sign-up, and a winner will be notified shortly thereafter. With films that range from 12 Monkeys to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien to Predator to Alien vs. Predator, this giveaway is the most comprehensive way to own the very best collection of Horror and Sci-fi films to date.”

Sign up for the DEAD SPACE SWEEPSTAKES today! You have until midnight July 28th, don’t forget!



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