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Silent Hill Homecoming Widget?!



Are you a widget n3rd? And a Silent Hill g33k? Well, weird as it is Konami has released a Silent Hill Homecoming widget. What does it do? Give you all the Silent Hill news you want, right along with the rest of your widgets. Why am I telling you this? Why am I saying hey, download this and get your Silent Hill information right on your computer as it comes in, instead of here. Because I am an idiot, and I loves you all, I takes care of my babies, you hear?! Ok, now that I’m done being weird, the widget will look like a book that you can flip through to see pics, news, and videos. Also you’ll see journals from Alex Shepherd, Elle Holloway and Sheriff Wheeler.

You can get the widget right HERE and you can add the widget to Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, and personal homepages.


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