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Dead Space’s No Known Survivors Chapter 2.1, Game Goes Gold



Head over to NOKNOWNSURVIVORS.COM and check out the latest Chapter, and if you sign up on by October 10th, you can get $5 dollars off the game! Sweet deal. The #1 crew member on the Ishimura Leaderboard will now win Issac Clarke’s helmet (which you can check out over at Kotaku along with a preview of this weeks Chapter) and the exclusive Ultra-Limited Edition of the game. The top 9 runners up receive the Ultra-Limited edition of Dead Space and the other 90 will receive a copy of the game on their desired platform! Pre-order now to receive the premium art book “The Art of Dead Space” FREE!”

This weeks Chapter 2.1 “13: A Friend Is A Present You Give Yourself”, this is their second story, and in it you will take the role of Gavin who murdered his co-worker Dennis, while another friend and co-worker Stefan remains hidden in fear. As you search you uncover clues and some back story before eventually all 3 of the crew members die. Head past the break for some suit shots, and links to pre-order the game.

Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition

Only 1000 Copies! UL Edition Comes With:
* The Dead Space game
* Special Ultra Limited Edition packaging
* Dead Space Downfall Animated Movie (DVD)
* Bonus content DVD
* Exclusive custom lithograph art illustrated and signed by Ben Templesmith
* 97-pg Dead Space art book written and illustrated by the development team
* 160-pg Graphic novel
* Ishimura crew patch

Dead Space (Standard Version)

The game is out October 14th, and…..

“Players who buy the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 versions of the game within the first two weeks of the game’s release will have the opportunity to download a platform exclusive suit. Xbox 360 fans can download the Xbox-themed Elite Suit* on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace and PLAYSTATION 3 fans can download the PlayStation-themed Obsidian Suit* on the PLAYSTATION®Network. Both of these suits will feature new looks and increased toughness and inventory slots, to help players fight for survival in the Dead Space universe.”



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