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Dead Space IS OUT! Launch Trailer! No Known Survivors!

Dead Space is out, what do you mean you didn’t know?! What do you mean you haven’t bought it? I’ve been telling you for months PAY ATTENTION!

Yes when the game “ships” on the 14th, stores put it out the following day, trickery! Maybe you got lucky and already got it, who knows, well, is it awesome!? I need to calm down and stop yelling.

NOKNOWNSURVIVORS.COM is where you should be to check out a hands on creepy look at the back story to the game. Head over to MAXIM to see a freaktasticly creepy video, and a nice breakdown of No Known Survivors. Stuff with little kids freaks me out and should do the same to you. Keep an eye out soon for my review on the game!



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