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Moon Being Written By James McDonough and Adam Patyk (Hellboy, Transformers)!

Mastiff and Renegade Kid have announced that they have joined up with James McDonough and Adam Patyk, who have worked on such films as Hellboy and Transformers. They will help with the writing of the Moon storyline, to help give it more of a dark feel to it.

“Working on Moon has been an absolute blast,” said writer Adam Patyk. “The fantastic gameplay and striking graphics are some of the first things you notice about the game, and that played a big role in why we were so excited when Mastiff asked us to get involved in helping to refine the characters and story for Moon.”

The game takes place on the Moon in 2058, and you taker on the role of Major Kane who is a part of the Extra Terrestrial Encounter Organization. He was called to check out the newly built “Lunar Base Alpha” because they found some sort of a hatch pod basically stuck in the Moon. The game us a 1st person shooter, and you can look out for it on the Nintendo Ds in November.



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