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Ghostbusters The Video Game Trailer!

I would have posted this sooner, but I’ve been sick as death in bed the past couple days and right now I’m sweating balls and dying. Anywho, back to the good stuff. For those who don’t already know, Atari picked up The Ghostbusters Video Game! And somebody had to go and post the trailer in the blogs section, that son of a B. HOWEVER, I’ve got the amazingly sweet trailer that will bring tears to your eyes. The trailer is OURS not from somewhere else.

Check it out right

Other reasons to be excited? The games story was written by Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd. The game has all 4 of your favorite Ghostbusters back together for the first time in 20 years. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson do the voices for their characters just like you remember them from the movies. The video game is set two years after Ghostbusters II, and Manhattan is once again overrun with ghosts. Read on for some screen shots and game info.

• Authentic Ghostbusters Experience: The game features the voices and in-game likenesses of Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson in an original story penned by the writers of the original films Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

• Unique gameplay: Experience unique ghost hunting, wrangling and trapping with upgradeable weapons in widely destructible environments and large scale boss fights

• All New Storyline – Set two years after Ghostbusters II, the game will feature an all new storyline as the player battles and captures well-loved and brand new ghosts throughout New York

• Six Game Systems –PLAYSTATION 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Windows PC, Wii and Nintendo DS, capitalizing on the graphical and gameplay strengths of the different platforms

• Ghostbusters 25th Anniversary – 2009 celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the original theatrical release of Ghostbusters. To mark the occasion, Ghostbusters: The Video Game will be released, and Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II will be released on Blu-ray™ disc



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