NEW D3@D P!X3L5 - Bloody Disgusting!


My good buddy Reset and I have a new episode of the Dead Pixels Podcast up! So go check it out! Our good friend Ryan guess stared with us, and we chat about old video games from child hood, and talk about a lot of new stuff we’ve been playing, like Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, and Gears 2. With EXTREME editing because we recorded it like idiots on 2 laptops by our good friend on the Double Murder Podcast Danny. Thanks again Danny. Felatio to follow.

Reset is running BD’s very new and fresh horror comics section, known as Graphic Content. So make sure you head over there and check it out!

Also the winners of the Dead Space contest, we haven’t forgotten about you! Things have been bit hectic around here, but we will send you your stuff! Sorry, hang in there!

Search Dead Pixels on iTunes, or head over to the podcast section right here on BD and give it a listen. Leave comments, send us emails and let us know what you think!

P.S. I was eating so much candy during this recording, I REGRET NOTHING!