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Dead Space Easter Egg (SPOILER WARNING)

**DON’T READ ON IF YOU HAVEN’T BEATEN DEAD SPACE** Although 1up is still around, it doesn’t feel the same, like going back you your school after you left and all your friends are gone. Any how, they did an interview with Glen Schofield EA Redwood Shores divisions executive producer of Dead Space.

In the interview Glen mentioned something along the lines of “Did you see the first letter of each chapter? Put them together.”

Chapter 1: New Arrivals
Chapter 2: Intensive Care
Chapter 3: Course Correction
Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent
Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion
Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard
Chapter 7: Into the Void
Chapter 8: Search and Rescue
Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival
Chapter 10: End of Days
Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions
Chapter 12: Dead Space

Isn’t that amazing?! I want to give a thanks to Kiel/Reset for showing me that. Check out the rest of the interview with Glen HERE its an after thoughts interview about Dead Space.



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