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Dead Pixels New Episode With Danny! From Double Murder and A Few More Guests!

We have really been cranking out the new podcasts this year, trying to keep you guys happy with plenty to listen to. We really appreciate you guys listening as our fan base is slowly growing and growing. With the loss of the podcasts that left a huge hole in video gaming podcasts.

Well in this episode, I was passed out on a cat bed on the floor while the others continued on with the Deadest of Pixels without me. And yes they trash the hell out of me being asleep, but I will defend to the death that working 8 hours plumbing makes a boy tired on a friday at 2am. But I digress, in this episode Kiel/Reset continues on, alongside Danny! , of the Double Murder Podcast, Nev and Dubbs/Ryan who were special guests a few weeks back, and Mike, from our epically long 4 hourish last podcast. This one is sitting at a pretty 1 hour and 32 minutes, and was recorded in Nev’s apartment.

In this episode the boys discuss the original Halloween movie, and the Rob Zombie remake, as Danny had discussed on the last Double Murder. Mike defends Danielle Harris’s boobs, as would I have if I were awake. Left 4 Dead is discussed, the Playstation 3 somewhat being failure, and tons more!

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