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A Wolfenstein RPG You Can Take Anywhere

From E.A. and iD mobile is Wolfenstein RPG for your phone! The game should be out the 31st of this month, so keep an eye out on your phones for it. In the game you escape from prison and try Axis’ diabolical Paranormal Division.

Check out the trailer for game HERE!

Past the break for game features and screens *Use your wits to survive 9 challenging levels.

*Battle 28 fierce enemies, including super soldiers, zombies, tormentors, and the mysterious Harbinger of Doom.

*Defeat foes with an array of 17 conventional and wondrous paranormal weapons.

*Test your skill with 2 mini-games: War card game and Kick the Chicken.

*Discover secrets by exploring your world and using your weapons.

*Blast your way to freedom with bundles of dynamite.

*If all else fails, smash an enemy soldier with a toilet.



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