Full Art, Specs and Details for ‘Antisocial Behavior’

Image Entertainment announced the July 29 DVD release of Vinson Pikes’ ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR. Jakob Kelser is a man with a horrific, troubled past. Having been failed by society and plagued by a gruesome childhood memory, he is forced to live alone in an unholy hell of God’s making. A gang of vicious youths terrorizing the neighborhood have singled Kelser out for “special treatment.” After weeks of relentless and increasingly cruel torment, an incident involving the death of one of the teenagers finally pushes him over the edge. Jakob begins to see himself as a solution to the problem of antisocial behavior. He carefully plots his revenge but discovers that taking “an eye for an eye” is never child’s play… One by one, they’re taught a lesson, one by one, they meet their deaths… Where will the carnage end?
Special Features:
Theatrical trailer
Production photo gallery
“Accidentally on Purpose” – An award-winning short subject that parodies accident insurance ads, directed by the director’s 12-year-old daughter
“Afternoon of the Rat Faced Zombies” (aka 28 Beers Later) – An award-winning short by Vinson Pike that is based on beer that turns people who drink it into zombies.
“Dead Bits” – Outtakes and Bloopers from “Afternoon of the Rat Faced Zombies”

Source: Image Entertainment