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Left 4 Dead, Survival Pack!

Posted today on Kotaku, is the news I know we’ve all been waiting to hear. And that is the (hopefully 1st in a line of many) expansion pack for Left 4 Dead is going to be released this spring, and it will be know simply as the Survival Pack.

What does this “Survival Pack” include exactly? Well, 1st there is going to be a new multiplayer game called Survival, which I am hoping is like Horde Mode in Gears Of War 2, where you just get wave after wave of oncoming enemies. And on top of that there is also going to be 2 complete campaigns for Versus Mode. Valve has also said that a Critic’s Choice Edition of Left 4 Dead will be in stores this spring, and that edition of the game will have everything from the Survival Pack pre-loaded into it.

And a special bonus for the PC Left 4 Dead players, (and really what makes me want to buy the PC version) is the Source Software Development Kit, so players can edit and create their own levels. And the best part? It’s free, and will be out in spring as well.



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