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NecroVisioN Single Player Demo

As you may have noticed from the title, the NecroVisioN single player demo is out now. You can head HERE and download it now for your PC. What happens in said demo? Well….

In the beginning of the demo you will have to battle your way through the German lines, dispatching the Kaiser’s soldier’s as they fight from their trenches. Players will be able to use traditional Allied weapons, such as the Colt 1911 and the Lee Enfield or select from the German Luger and Gewehr rifles once they have been taken from the battlefield. There are also sharp bayonets, heavy machine-guns, trench guns and if truly desperate, a shovel to batter the enemy’s spiked helmets flat.

Skipping past the story’s tongue-in-cheek twists, players are abandoned in the midst of an underworld war that has gone on for centuries. Demons battle the Undead in a never ending conflict paralleling the war above the soil. As players plow through the hordes of the seven pits they will be using special Vampiric versions of familiar weapons such as SMGs and shotguns, as well as their secret weapon The Shadowhand.



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