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E3: Nyko Has A Few Fresh New Goodies For Your Fingers



Nyko, creators of my of the aftermarket items you use to play your game systems with, have created 3 new items that could very well blow your mind. Or not. Either way, they are always making cool new innovative items for your gaming systems, and the trend continues.

“Nyko has been a participant of E3 for 10 straight years and we’re excited to be using the show as the launching pad for our 2009 products,” said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing at Nyko Technologies. “We have been hard at work developing new patent pending technologies like Trans-Port™ that we feel add a unique gameplay experience that is not available elsewhere.” Type Pad Pro for Wii
The ergonomic wireless keypad for Wii features Nyko’s Trans-Port Technology allowing players to control, type, and browse with ease. Nyko’s Type Pad Pro cradles either the Nyko Wand or Wii Remote, allowing for pointer functionality while utilizing the full QWERTY Keyboard to chat, type, search and more. The Type Pad Pro communicates with the Wii wirelessly up to 25 feet away using a USB dongle and is fully compatible with applications that utilize keyboard functionality like the Opera® Browser and Wii friend messaging. When used with the Wand Wireless Controller, Trans-Port Technology allows for both the A and B buttons to be replicated directly on the Type Pad Pro for smoother and easier scrolling, zooming and clicking while browsing your favorite web sites.

SpeakerCom 360
Xbox 360 gamers can now customize how they communicate over Xbox Live® with SpeakerCom 360, which provides the choice to talk and listen over a loud speaker or through a traditional headset, giving players two communication options in one device. In Headset mode, the SpeakerCom provides a comfortable, stereo, in-ear solution. When switched over to the Loud Speaker mode the self-muting microphone and volume-controlled speaker are activated so everyone in the room can hear and participate via one headset. The patent pending design allows for easy switching between both headset and loud speaker mode.

Zoom Case for Nintendo DSi™
Nyko’s Zoom Case, a protective case with an 8x zoom lens for the DSi, significantly magnifies the handheld’s external camera. The Zoom Case wraps around the DSi, protecting it from bumps and scratches while the removable 8x optical zoom lens allows for closer, clearer shots from a greater distance. The zoom lens easily locks onto the Zoom Case, and when not in use can be safely stored in its own hard case for easy travel. The case’s textured grip provides a more comfortable hold for extended gameplay sessions.

Charge Grip Flex
A new level of comfort awaits the PSP 2000 and 3000 series with Nyko’s Charge Grip Flex with built-in rechargeable battery. The Charge Grip Flex provides 1.5 times more play time and a more familiar, customizable grip. With a sleek black look that complements the PSP, the Charge Grip Flex features a unique fold-out, lightweight design making it ideal for travel.


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