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Zombies Vs Sheep

Well, Zombies have pretty much attacked everything thing else. So why not sheep this time? Zombies vs. Sheep is a frenetic tap-to-shoot game set in a mexican-themed shooting gallery. Your mission: Protect the sheep from incoming waves of zombies. As the evening gets darker you will face more and stronger enemies. You are the last hope of the sheep. The gameplay is simple, you just have to shoot the zombies while moving your sheep to collect coins and avoid falling bats and flaming skulls! To move your ship simply tilt the phone, shoot by tapping the enemies and reload by quickly flicking the phone in any direction.

Head past the break for screens and more game info.. The game is played in survival mode and features 10 levels of increasing difficulty. You will face numerous different enemies and three epic boss fights. And, you can upgrade your sheep too! Is your sheep is too slow? Did you run out of bullets? Is your sheep nearly dead? Collect some coins and go to the shop to buy upgrades.

The game is out now in the Apple Store which means you can go buy it for all your fancy apple devices.



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