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Black Mirror 2 Trailer

A long while back I posted a teaser trailer for Black Mirror 2. It was basically a slide show, and didn’t really reveal much about the game. Well this trailer, which you can watch below doesn’t reveal much either.

What I could figure out, was that the game revolves around the character Darren, who works at a local photo shop in Biddeford New England. The game takes place in the 1990’s, 12 years after the 1st game. Darren meets Angelina while working at the photo shop, and becomes interested in her. But at the same time, so does his boss, whom Darren is not a fan of. And it gets more unclear as there is a 3rd person who catches her interest. And this leads Darren to investigate why exactly this 3rd party is following Angelina. Nothing much else is known, except that this leads Darren to a few not so kosher places. I will fill you in on more details, as I can find them.



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